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The progressive metal band Voay will release their debut album on August 24th 2019.


The prehistoric giant crocodile VOAY arises today from the ashes of Watership Down to reveal itself to the public world of progressive metal. More information to be coming soon.


If there still only existed one of the prehistoric crocodile Voay, it would not be as rare as the unique style of music the homonymous progressive metal quintet is establishing. With their debut album they created a 52 minute epos, where the listener floats through a world where they face self-doubt and clarity, suffocation and enlightenment, wrath and salvation as well as chaos and purity. On the way they are encountered by dolphins, seagulls, pirates and dwarfs. They have to push themselves through the raging flames of hellfire, while they float on streamlines towards the sky, while they endure the change of the four seasons and while they finally face the eye of the storm.
Where music changes stylistically from rock to black metal, from waltz to jazz and from oriental melodies to eastern vibes - imagination has no limit.

But that is not where it all started. The band's origin goes back to Dortmund, Germany in 2013, where the group performed regional concerts under the name Watership Down with their first self composed songs. Seeing how composing and performing went exceptionally well at the time, the consensus was unanimous: to create something big. Thus the group took a break from playing concerts and focused all their energy on writing and recording their debut Album.

The attentive listener might notice a variety of influences in their music. Discovering progressive metal via bands like Dream Theater and Between the Buried and Me, Marc Schmieder (guitar, keys) was obsessed with the creative and unforeseen nature of the genre. While looking for musicians to start a project, he surprisingly met Heiko Pleskun (drums) in a local basketball team. The AC/DC shirt Heiko wore that day was an immediate eyecatcher. Heiko revealed that he has an orchestral background and he too listens to prog groups such as Opeth and Haken. After some time searching, they met Paul Schlößer (guitar) who brought a background influenced by bands like Cynic and Death but also older artists like Frank Zappa and King Crimson to the band. Julian Schmidt (bass) followed soon after. Being inspired by Steve DiGiorgio and The Mars Volta, Julian is also fond of diverse black metal bands. The only missing piece was a fitting vocalist. Looking out for the right match resulted in being purely instrumental for some time. Finally in 2016, they found Xil (vocals) who had a large history of unsatisfying band projects. With idols like Faith No More and Dir En Grey, he completed the group with his vigorous and multifaceted voice.

With this release, Voay is looking forward to spreading their music to everyone who embraces creative and innovative songwriting.

Tour Dates - 2019

Location Date Venue
Essen 24.08.2019 Don't Panic